Flex Is Kings

FLEX IS KINGS documents the hopes and realities of the under-acknowledged and totally unfunded group of Brooklyn artists behind the urban dance movement called “Flexing.”

Despite high crime rates and few educational or job opportunities, a large and growing group of young men is resisting gang life to pioneer a form of narrative dance that tells the story of their streets. ¬†“Flex” involves dance battle competitions that are at once flights of fancy as well as poetic evocations of the streets – gun battles, romantic interludes, run-ins with authorities.

Filmed over two years, FLEX IS KINGS offers rare access to the emotional journey of several young dancers as they each vie for a chance to make something of themselves by battling it out through this DIY art form.

Structured around a season of “Battlefest,” the central organizing event of the flex movement, the film captures a world of discipline, sacrifice, disappointment and exhilaration.

Tranimal Рthe most recent musical adventure of Jerome Begin and Chris Lancaster Рis composing the score for the film.  Tranimal also serves up beats, bleeps and strings for the Flex Is Kings LIVE performances, where the dancers and musicians come together for a wild leap into the world of flex dance.