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From a feral jungle of pedals, drum machines, synthesizers and an electro-acoustic cello, TRANIMAL is born. Evolved from an unlikely pair of human ancestors, TRANIMAL is Cellist Chris Lancaster and Synth Freak Jerome Begin. They have been a composing team for dance and film for over a decade, developing a distinctive musical language together.  However their true destiny revealed itself when they fused their instruments, technology and idiosyncratic styles into the band TRANIMAL. With an insatiable hunger for distorted string hooks set to bizarre beats, TRANIMAL has gorged itself to create a freakishly catchy debut album: YEAR OF THE TRANIMAL.


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Jerome Begin and Chris Lancaster are best friends, who write and perform music together in the New York art scene. Their theatrical collaborations have lead them to venues such as Lincoln Center, Kennedy Center, The Guggenheim, BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music), and The Joyce. They have been on multiple tours together through America, Europe and Asia while working for directors and choreographers including Bill T. Jones, Andrea Miller (Gallim Dance) and Larry Keigwin. Recent film projects have included scores for PBS American Masters Series and the Brooklyn street dance documentary Flex Is Kings (screened at festivals Tribecca, BAM, IFC). Through all of this, however, their burning dream was to burrow away in a Greenpoint studio and create music as freaky as their hearts desired. After 2 years of doing just that, TRANIMAL emerges proudly with a debut album in paw: YEAR OF THE TRANIMAL. Turn up the bass and shake your fur to the insane string hooks, crippling quirky beats and barely street legal melodies. This album embodies TRANIMAL’s signature blend of technical virtuosity, humor, beauty and sonic obliteration. In the first single “Cage Rage” they growl “You’re gonna feel the rage” and deliver on the promise with chunky beats, slick cello riffs, unexpected breaks, crushing vocal modulation, and clap clap claps. In “Touch U” Jerome croons to us through a signature vocal effect, before a strange dance party erupts into a fist pumping climactic chorus.  In “My Love” singer Alison Clancy’s love ballad has been transformed into a bumpin celebration of friendship, expressed by glorious musical duets between the cello and Jerome’s first Juno keyboard.  In “Traneater” Moog oscillations ride against cello tremolos in a tempo-bending, mind-altering remake of the Hall & Oates classic “Maneater”. “Carrier Freak” features a hybrid-monster tone, created by combining cello and synth sounds with a Ring Modulator. In the re-mastered classic “Enter the Tranimal”, the arpeggiator soars as the bass line hypnotizes you through a cello fuzz and lazer drum dynasty.  Sweet nostalgic melodies lure the listener into total submission on tracks like “Sweet Video Game Love”, “Recovery” and “Exit the Tranimal”. And because TRANIMAL wants to send you home dancing, the album ends with a high energy IMOBU remix of “Touch U”. With these 10 tracks, TRANIMAL has armed you for any situation in which you find yourself in this YEAR OF THE TRANIMAL.

“This is what friendship sounds like.” -Alison Clancy
Special Thanks to Sara Jean Gruenwald for the Kitty, and to Jeff Gaul for the album art!